Meet Your New Best Campaign Ad of All Time, Ever


When we first laid eyes on this campaign ad by Florida state representative Mike Weinstein, we were reminded of that line from Contact: “No words to describe it … they should have sent a poet.” Seriously, we were at a loss for words. It’s so over-the-top, anachronistic, and lacking in self-awareness that it’s hard to take seriously. But it seems to be the result of a sincere effort by Weinstein’s son, Scott Leigh, the guy dancing and singing throughout most of the video. It’s clear that they never intended to craft a surefire viral sensation (“I don’t even know how to upload a video on Facebook,” Leigh says), but now everyone will know the name of Mike Weinstein — and, in fact, will never get it out of their heads. When voters are marking off their ballots on election day, there will be no “I’ve never heard of either of these guys, I’ll just close my eyes and pick someone” dilemma. Like hypnotized zombies, they will vote for Mike Weinstein, and not even know why. Mike, Mike, Miiiike Weinstein.

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