Michael Steele Isn’t ‘Going Anywhere,’ Asks for a Stop to ‘Noise’


After the firestorm over his recent comments about the ongoing conflict in Afghanistan, GOP chairman Michael Steele has made his first public appearance since the remarks (in which he called the war “of Obama’s choosing”), stressing that he isn’t budging.

I ain’t going anywhere,” Steele said. “I’m here. I’m here … Look, every time something happens, people go, ‘Oh, you should step down, step down.’ Well, the reality of it is that’s not happening, so stop the noise on that.’”

Unlike the last time he was in hot water and eventually gave in and apologized, Steele did nothing of the kind this time, instead assessing that his “individuality” can sometimes create friction. “It gets me in a little trouble,” he said, before adding: “But that’s okay.”

Michael Steele Fires Back At Critics: ‘I Ain’t Going Anywhere’ [HuffPo]