Molly Hagerty’s Pants Stained With Ranch Dressing or Something


The Portland Tribune has now fully chronicled its years-long investigation into, and uncertainty over, claims by masseuse Molly Hagerty that Al Gore sexually assaulted her in a Portland hotel room in 2006. The paper was ultimately never confident enough with the credibility of Hagerty and her account of what had happened to run the story. One piece of evidence that definitely didn’t help to bolster Hagerty’s case was the pair of stained pants she kept from that night, à la Monica Lewinsky.

And, she said, she kept the black pants she was wearing that night — pants that she claimed contained a stain that may have occurred while Gore was standing against her in his bath robe.

So, it wasn’t semen. It may have been ranch dressing, paint, lotion, yogurt, bird poop, tsatsiki sauce, or whatever else. So why is she holding the pants up on the front page of the National Enquirer? “Look, I own pants!”

Gore chase had no finish [Portland Tribune]