Obama’s Vacation Location Faces Criticism


The Obama family is currently on vacation in the coastal town of Bar Harbor, Maine, taking in the scenery and biking. It sounds really lovely! Except, obviously, it's being criticized. According to U.S. News & World Report:

"Gulf officials think that Obama, who is off to Maine this weekend for a short pre-vacation before a longer one likely in Martha's Vineyard, would help them with their sales bid to the rest of the nation. They say pictures of Obama and his family, beamed around the world through the huge White House press corps, would be much better than his brief visits to the oil spill site and meeting with local residents. Instead, a vacation would prove that the beaches are open for business."

Really? Because an Obama family trip to Louisiana that consisted of completely ignoring the disastrous, highly politicized oil spill for some R&R doesn't sound like the sort of thing that would necessarily go over smoothly, either. Conservative blogger Michelle Malkin piles on the vacation criticism though, with the headline: "Michelle Obama: Take your Vacation in the Gulf, America — If You Need Us, We’ll be In Maine," even though Malkin has already noted that the First Lady visited the Gulf twice in the past month. ABC News, too, critiqued Michelle Obama for encouraging vacationing Americans to visit the oil-stricken region and then heading to Maine herself. But if coconut ice cream is any indication, it sounds like the Obamas are having some family fun, despite the scrutiny.

'Shifting Politics in Presidents’ Vacations' [NYT]