Obviously, iPhone’s FaceTime Feature Will Be Used for Porn


By now, we’ve all seen the poignant Apple commercials demonstrating the special moments that iPhone 4’s new FaceTime feature — essentially a face-to-face video chat — makes possible. A grandfather marveling at his newborn granddaughter. A father forcing his daughter to crack a smile so he can see her braces. A woman telling her husband that she’s finally pregnant. While the reaction for most people is, “Awww,” the reaction of the porn industry was, “Yay, a new thing that we can put vaginas on!”

And so, despite Apple’s moral crusade to keep smut off of its phones, plans are already in the works for FaceTime porn. A spokesman for Pink Visual, a porn company, says that in “a matter of weeks” they’ll start offering one-on-one FaceTime sessions with its porn stars for “$5 or $6 a minute, payable by credit card.” Craigslist ads are also popping up across the country searching for women interested in taking part in the newest frontier of porn technology. And there’s nothing Apple can do about it, since they have no way of controlling how you use FaceTime. Steve Jobs may be a powerful man, but preventing the porn industry from co-opting a new form of technology is like trying to keep bloodthirsty zombies out of your house. You can board up the windows and bar the doors, but eventually they’ll find a way in anyway.

Adult industry sees iPorn potential in new phone [AP via WP]