One of the Worst Things About Working at Goldman Sachs Is How Jealous Everyone Is of You


To be sure, there are a lot of good things about working at the Squid, anonymous employees say in a survey by career website For instance, there’s its lovable CEO, Lloyd, to whom 97 percent of them give a hearty thumbs up. Plus “opportunities are open if you are a go-getter,” and obviously, “if you stick around long enough you can make crazy money.” However, there is a downside. The place is “full of sharks,” and the hours are crazy. “Goldman Sachs will own you,” writes one anonymous commenter who may or may not be a fabulous Frenchman. “Whatever Goldman Sachs asks of you, it will never be too much.” Not that you’ll have a lot of friends left, anyway: “People envy you for working there and it’s pretty bad.” [Glassdoor via CNBC]