Nancy Pelosi Sees Herself As a Lioness


One of the many weird things humans do is sometimes play a game that goes, "If you were an animal, what animal would you be?" Who started this and why, no one knows. But whenever it comes up, Intel Jessica responds that she would be a hippo, because they are plump, clean, and social; Intel Dan says he would be a flying squirrel, and then tells a story about the time he tried to jump out of a tree using a small blanket as a parachute. And Nancy Pelosi sees herself as a lioness, she tells Bloomberg. Because they are protective and fierce.

Nancy Pelosi keeps a watchful eye on her cubs. She marks milestones in their personal lives and pays close attention to the politics back home. She can be fiercely protective and stern in her demands.

“Think lioness,” she said.

What goes unsaid but is obviously implied here is that female lions occasionally eat their cubs, so to the Speaker's allies in the House of Representatives: You've been warned.

Pelosi Thinks Lioness, Does What Rayburn Never Did [Bloomberg]
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