The Summer of Our Discontent


It is July, and it is somehow both sunny and hot and rainy and wet and it feels like everyone is pissed off about something, or everything. Oil seems destined to gush out of the Earth forever. The economy is doomed. (And don’t even get people started on financial regulation: four out of five Americans don’t even need to read the 2,000-page bill to know it is a total joke.) Bristol and Levi’s engagement is probably a stunt of some kind. Our movie stars are even bigger bastards than we thought. The president is disappointing. No one is a good person, at least, not until they are dead. M.I.A.’s new album is crap, Inception is terrible. Oh, and sex is basically over. Is there anything that’s actually good in the world? Yes, actually.

For instance, watching the Sassy Gay Friend tell the Giving Tree what’s what made Intel Jessica laugh out loud. Intel Chris loved The Kids Are All Right. Managing editor Adam Pasick found Louis CK’s decision to show up to an interview three hours after getting a vasectomy inspiring. And Intel Dan recently discovered the joys of cornichons, the small salty pickles. “It makes a regular gherkin taste like a hobo’s footbath in comparison,” he told us, and he would know. What is making you happy? Tell us in the comments, and help us cope with the gross malaise of Summer 2010.