Paul Browne Might’ve Been Turned by the Russians, If They’d Had Hotter Girls


Back in the seventies, a Russian spy tried to convince Paul Browne to join their side, New York’s deputy police commissioner tells the Journal, but he declined, instead choosing to work with the FBI against the USSR. And even if he hadn’t had such a strong patriotic streak, he explained, the incentives were lacking.

For instance, there were no hot girls.

The agents also said to expect the Russians to try to introduce an attractive female spy for a sexual liaison as a way of luring him to their side. “Young and single, I was prepared to serve my country. But, sadly, I was the only cute redhead in the mix,” Mr. Browne joked.

We’ve given the Russian spies a hard time for being as old-school and useless as the country’s aging nuclear arsenal, but the existence of nipple-clamp-loving Anna Chapman suggests that in the past 40 years, they’ve at least fixed this glitch.

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