Politico Is Not Interested In Chelsea Clinton’s Wedding


In yet another Times feature on Chelsea Clinton’s wedding — this one discussing the breathless media coverage the Social Event of Our Lifetimes has spurred — one outlet stands out as being so over it. Whereas the Daily News is calling it the “Wedding of the Millennium” and TMZ is reporting exclusives about ABBA’s inclusion in the wedding playlist, Politico is pretty much ignoring the event. While outlets like the Washington Post are sending multiple reporters, Politico — “known for smothering political stories with swarms of reporters” — isn’t sending any. “We don’t have much planned,” Politico executive editor Jim VandeHei tells the Times, explaining that “if [they] do anything,” they’ll talk to guests after the wedding. Though no one will care at that point: We’ll all be on to the next Wedding of the Millennium.

Frenzy Over Chelsea Clinton’s Wedding [NYT]