President Obama to Make Another Presidential First


The first African-American president in American history will break another barrier later this week when he becomes the first sitting president to appear on a daytime talk show — specifically, The View, this Thursday. With the economy still struggling as the midterm elections near, the White House probably felt that President Obama could use some face time with the show’s no-nonsense ladies and their audience of penny-pinching suburban housewives and channel-flipping unemployed people. Despite the comfortable, casual setting, don’t expect Obama to completely avoid any tough questions — the last time he was on the show, in March of 2008, Obama had to answer for his association with Reverend Wright. Barbara Walters is even making her first return to the show after undergoing heart-valve replacement surgery in May, so she’ll want her money’s worth.

President Obama to Appear on ABC’s ‘The View’ [ABC News]