President Obama Would Beat LeBron If He Were Just a Little Bit Taller


During his boring ESPN special last week, LeBron James said that President Obama could “hold his own” if they played one-on-one. And yeah, he was just being nice. Unless LeBron lets the president win, like some people, it obviously wouldn’t be close. On Meet the Press yesterday, Robert Gibbs confirmed that the president would play LeBron, but he probably wouldn’t win.

I can only imagine if he president had an opportunity to play against LeBron James, he would take it. I don’t know that we would make the game public or the outcome or the score public because let’s just say somebody [like James] who is 6-foot-8, quite that size, starts with an advantage that is hard for the president to make up.”

Yeah, the height difference. That’s the only reason.

Obama to play hoops with LeBron James? [Political Ticker/CNN]