Heroic Firefighters Rescue Adorable Puppies From Burning Soho Apartment


Sixty firefighters raced to Spring Street yesterday, where a litter of adorable puppies was trapped inside a burning five-story building, barking helplessly as black smoke billowed to the sky. Thankfully, the FDNY made it to the puppies in time, but — ahhhhhhh — one of them wasn't breathing!

Firefighter Jim Lanigan then performed "normal CPR, like with a human" on the unconscious pooch. The puppy's leg started moving, so he did it again. And then the puppy woke up.

As if the beautiful restoration of life to an innocent young animal doesn't already evoke the warm feelings of a small town, the FDNY's Lanigan humbly added: "I've never rescued a pet before. I got a cat out of a tree once, but never anything like this."

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