Residents of Rhinebeck Too Terrified to Discuss Chelsea’s Wedding


All the Rhinebeck businesses supplying goods or services for the apparently historic wedding between Chelsea Clinton and Marc Mezvinsky have signed confidentially agreements that keep them from divulging their “secrets” to the media — which, of course, only makes the media more interested in said “secrets.” But even the residents of Rhinebeck who have nothing to do with the wedding are refusing to speak to reporters.

Ira J. Gutner, who owns Samuel’s of Rhinebeck, a coffee bar that sells fine chocolates, knows people who are contributing in some way to the wedding and who have signed confidentiality agreements. But he is not divulging anything.

Gutner says he keeps his silence out of respect for Chelsea and Marc’s “confidentiality.” But perhaps there is another powerful motivation at play.

Hillary would be very displeased if someone were to spoil the wedding of her only daughter by leaking information to the press, but if there are any problems, she’s just a short drive away. Capisce?

Wedding Is Talk of the Town, but Nobody’s Talking [NYT]