GQ China Recalls July Issue After Controversy Over ‘Sports Car Club’ Story


The Chinese edition of GQ recalled its July issue just a day after it hit newsstands, reportedly owing to a feature titled “Super Kids Driving Luxury Cars.” The story chronicles the lives of six wealthy Chinese twentysomethings who belong to “the Sports Car Club,” a group of kids whose main concerns consist of “luxury cars, the latest fashions and whose father has the most money.” An article positing that the founder of the club had threatened to sue GQ over the story was quickly taken from the Global Times’ website on Friday, and the official reason for the recall remains a mystery. The story sounds like it was pretty awesome, though, filled with nuggets like 22-year-old model Ma Nuo’s quip “I’d rather weep in a BMW than smile on a bicycle,” and an anecdote involving a man interested in dating an attractive woman until he realized her car “was five years out of fashion.” Who recalled this?! These are the kinds of quotes Facebook statuses are made of.

GQ China Pulls July Issue [China Real Time Report/WSJ]