Robber at Least Nice Enough to Bring Flowers


When it comes to deciding how you feel about a man in New York, you have to consider the little things. Is he considerate? Does he remember birthdays and holidays? Does he occasionally bring you flowers for no reason? We speak, of course, of the men who are robbing you.

Last Thursday morning, the police said, a man walked into the Bank of Smithtown branch at 127 Seventh Avenue near 18th Street in Chelsea. He was carrying a multicolor array of posies in cellophane wrap, fresh from the florist.

The man produced a note from inside the bouquet and handed it to the teller, the police said. It read, “Give me all your $100’s, 50’s, don’t be a hero.”

The teller handed the man an undisclosed amount of money. The robber fled, leaving the flowers behind.

See. He wasn't all bad.

Flowers, for Me? Yes. Now Stick ‘Em Up [City RoomNYT]