Alvin Greene Was Not Behind Subtly Deprecating Alvin Greene Rap


A sometimes funny ("Greene's a new face in politics/And he don't show porno to college chicks"), sometimes random (clips of LeBron playing basketball?) rap cheekily extolling the merits of Alvin Greene's Senate candidacy is not an official campaign production, according to Greene. "I don't know who made it," he tells CNN, adding, "It sounds good. Make sure everybody hears it." The person who did make it is San Francisco hip-hop producer Jay Friedman, who can't believe anyone — like, say, the New York Times — actually reported that this was an official video created by Greene himself.

"When we were making it, we were trying to make sure there was enough comedy and parody in it so that people would be sure that it didn't come from the Alvin Greene campaign," Friedman said. "People are willing to believe very strange things when they come from the internet."

Well, yes, but also, whenever Alvin Greene is involved.

'Alvin Greene is on the Scene': Not official, but Greene's listening [Political Ticker/CNN]