Sarah Palin Tries Inspiration for a Change


Most of the time when we hear from Sarah Palin, she’s griping about the liberal stalker media or attacking any and every decision made by President Obama, like his decision to not even try to stop the oil leak. But whoa, wait a second, what is this? Some kind of inspirational, slow-motion campaignlike video about the “mama grizzly” movement Palin has been talking about, replete with lots of hugging and smiles and piano? Yes, that’s what it is. Though the SarahPAC Internet ad seems to have been uploaded to YouTube two weeks ago, it had gone completely unnoticed until last night, when Palin posted it on her Facebook page. Now everyone is talking about it, because this new Sarah Palin looks suspiciously like someone trying to appeal to a wider audience beyond the tea party.

[via Sarah Palin/Facebook]