Scott Brown Is Shy About His Sexiness Now


Scott Brown has gotten a lot more modest since the days when he would appear in the pages of Cosmopolitan showing off his pubic hair, crossing his arms with a “look deep into my sexy eyes” stare, and walking along the beach with shorts so tiny he could barely fit half his hand into the pocket. Now he won’t even humor the Hill by talking to them for their annual list of the 50 most beautiful people on Capitol Hill. These are not salacious or even revealing interviews — Kirsten Gillibrand, who sits at No. 3 on the list after Herculean efforts to lose her baby weight, threw the newspaper a few lines about being a good mom. But Brown “declined to participate in an interview for this feature,” his blurb sadly reports. What, you have more important things to do?

50 Most Beautiful People 2010 [Hill]
Senator Scott Brown shies from posing for The Hill’s “50 Most Beautiful” [Reliable Sources/WP]