Sean Michael Carey Would Like to Punch Jamie Dimon in the Balls


In today's Times, David Pogue takes it upon himself to inform the unsavvy masses about the pros and cons of various social-media concerns. Unmentioned in his writeup of Facebook: It is a perfect place to encourage people to rally together for a common cause, such as getting Betty White on Saturday Night Live or, say, to Punch Jamie Dimon (CEO of JPMorgan Chase) in the Balls, which was started last night by a drummer from Berkeley, California, called Sean Michael Carey. He kicked things off with this post:

This guy owes me $142 dollars, if you see him today punch him in the balls and say "Sean Michael Carey sends his regards, fucker"

Luckily for Dimon and his sack, all nine followers appear to be located in California. Hopefully he's not planning any West Coast travel anytime soon.

Punch Jamie Dimon (CEO of JP Morgan/Chase) in the balls [Facebook]