Septuagenarian With Cane, Oxygen Tank Robs Store


Here are the seven most awesome things about this otherwise standard shooting and robbery attempt described in the Post today:

1. The would-be burglar was in his seventies.
2. He was carrying a cane. And an oxygen tank.
3. Upon entering the midtown clothing store Sarar, he announced it was a stickup.
4. He fired several (missed) shots at the manager and a customer, yelling: “You want one? You want another one?”
5. No one was hurt, but eight suits were shot through, and one bullet landed in the jacket pocket of the last one.
6. Even though he was ambling on a cane and with an oxygen tank, he escaped …
7. … in a big, shiny black Cadillac.

Geezer thief raises cane [NYP]