Six House Democrats Stage a Silent Senate Chamber Sit-In


Six members of the House held a “sit-in” in the Senate chamber Wednesday to protest what they view as obstruction of the jobs legislation on the part of Republicans. The Democrats sat quietly in the back of the chamber (in the area “from which Senate staffers ordinarily watch their bosses”) and were approached by Majority Whip Dick Durbin and Senator Bob Bennett. For their efforts, “nothing really came of the silent protest,” Politico says. Members of the House are frustrated over the dozens of House-approved legislative items — related to climate change, campaign finance reform, and a tax extenders package — that have been stuck in limbo in the Senate. While the anger is valid, six House members looking pissed and sitting where the staffers chill probably isn’t going to cause senators to lose any sleep. Maybe a Facebook campaign, guys? Those seem to get things done.

Six House Dems stage ‘sit-in’ on Senate floor [Politico]