Tar Balls Hit Texas Coast


The Deepwater Horizon oil spill has now officially reached all the Gulf states, as tar balls from the spill were discovered on a Texas beach Monday. While the amount found in Texas pales in comparison to the quantities that have hit the shores of other Gulf states, cleaning crews have already been dispatched to the state. And Texas Land Commissioner Jerry Patterson has already announced that BP will be expected to pick up the tab for the cleanup.

Meanwhile, the Washington Post reported this morning that BP has maintained its government contracts with the Defense Department despite the ongoing disaster. The company’s fuel contracts with the U.S. military are reportedly worth at least $980 million, and at least one new contract has been signed since the explosion in April. The report notes that members of Congress have discussed barring the company from any new oil and gas drilling leases, though — and, even before the onset of this disaster, the EPA was apparently looking into banning BP from all federal contracts.

Tar balls from Gulf oil spill turn up in Texas [AP]
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