The Air Force Didn’t Promote Alvin Greene Because He Wasn’t Communist Enough


The AP has finally peeled away the first layer of the tear-inducing onion that is Alvin Greene’s mysterious military history by getting its hands on some performance evaluations compiled during his time in the Air Force. Among the extremely unsurprising observations: Greene “required a daily to-do list,” could not “adapt to any changes to daily routine,” and was “unable to express thoughts clearly.” For these reasons and many more, Greene was not able to secure a promotion while in the Air Force. Or is that just what the Air Force wants you to believe?

At his home in Manning on Thursday, Greene told an AP reporter who reviewed the documents with him that the evaluations show he was discriminated against by military supervisors but he did not explain what that meant.

This is not the first time Greene has said something very odd and random about “terrorists and communists.” During his NAACP speech last week he declared, out of nowhere, “Let’s reclaim our country from the terrorists and communists.” Greene seems to think that people will vote for him if he can just convince everyone that the government is in cahoots with terrorists and communists. In other words, he’s running as tea partier now.

Alvin Greene’s Military Records Show Inability To ‘Express Thoughts Clearly’ And Other Stumbles [HuffPo]