Thousands of Russian Spies Could Still Be Among Us


The New York Post caught up with former CIA operatives, who told the paper that the ten accused Russian spies taken into custody last week were probably not acting alone: “I would say there are a few thousand here,” said Boris Korczak, a former double agent who worked for the CIA, spying on the KGB from 1973 to 1980. “There are more Russian spies here now than during the Cold War. [But] out of 1,000 spies, one or two will perform, will get access to our nuclear secrets.” Korczak also shed some light on the enigmatic Anna Chapman (pictured), who, the Post reports, is being held in solitary confinement in a federal prison in Brooklyn, completely unaware of her media coverage: “Korczak believes that Chapman (real name: Anya Kuschenko) was likely schooled by the SVR — Russia’s post-KGB intelligence agency — in the art of seduction,” the Post reports. If that’s not cinematic enough, some of this training took place in secret Russian cities that were exact replicas of American suburbs:

Though it sounds like they might just get hooked on Slurpees and Glee and forget about the whole mission, Korczak said the Russian spies “are primarily after our technology,” and “for America to break up into three different countries, to stop existing as a superpower.’”

”1000s’ of Russian spies in U.S., surpassing Cold War record’ [NYP]