Tipper Gore Does Not See Al Gore As a Crazed Sex Poodle


It's official Gore policy to deny any accusations of sexual misconduct and to do it through quotes from anonymous friends. So it should really come as no surprise that an anonymous Gore friend tells People that Tipper Gore doesn't believe that Al Gore is the crazed sex poodle that masseuse Molly Hagerty and this Taiwanese CGI re-creation would have us believe:

"Tipper has known about these allegations since Al found out about them himself. She has known that massage has been very much a part of his health regimen for many, many, many years. She doesn't believe any of the allegations that this woman [Hagerty] is making and they played no role whatsoever in their decision to separate."

Furthermore, Tipper and Al definitely don't hate each other, because they went on an inter-generational family vacation a couple of weeks after they announced their separation, where they did "lake stuff" like "waterskiing," "cooking out," and avoiding eye contact.

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