Voters Still Trust Democrats More Than Republicans


A new Washington PostABC News poll sheds light on the state of voter resentment that will shape the outcome of November’s midterm elections. It’s widely assumed that Democrats will suffer big losses in Congress, with even White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs admitting over the weekend that the Democrats could lose control of the House entirely. But according to this poll, voters still don’t actually like the Republicans and their alleged policies any more than they do the Democrats. When asked who they have confidence in “to make the right decisions for the country’s future,” 32 percent said the Democrats and 26 percent said the Republicans, which isn’t impressive for either party but slightly less pathetic for the Democrats. By 42 percent to 34 percent, voters also trust Democrats more with handling the economy, which is the preeminent issue with voters this year. It all shows that it really is more of a general anti-incumbent, anti-government mood that threatens Democrats than an anti-Democrat mood. Not that the distinction will do much to soothe the pain of losing the House.

Confidence in Obama reaches new low, Washington Post-ABC News poll finds [WP]