Wall Street Is Hiring Again


Employment is still so dismal that many discouraged Americans aren’t even looking for a job right now, but Wall Street, “the place that led the economy into recession,” as the Times puts it, is hiring! Since February, New York securities firms have added about 2,000 jobs while, across the country, financial companies, commodity traders, and investment firms are following suit. And this isn’t a fluke, apparently: “Though the figures are small in comparison to overall Wall Street employment, executives, economists and headhunters say they expect the growth to pick up steam in the coming months,” the Times reports. In the first quarter, Goldman Sachs added 600 jobs, Credit Suisse hired another 600 wide-eyed college grads, Nomura’s been hiring away some top bankers from Deutsche Bank, increasing its staff by more than 700 employees, and on it goes. But we’ll know the financial sector’s really recovering when the Times shows us some trend pieces about just how hard the foxes of finance are partying again. [NYT]