Warren Buffett Spends a Lot of His Time Watching Videos on the Internet


Not those kinds of videos. Although we wouldn’t put it past the grandfatherly perv, the Oracle’s YouTube tastes are tamer than you’d think: “I watch a lot of things,” he told the Huffington Post at a conference in Sun Valley, Utah. “Sometimes people will tell me there’s something kind of interesting to watch, like political gaffes or something like that. Or I might go there and listen to Frank Sinatra sing ‘My Way.’ So I’ll click on that, then I’ll see eight other things on the side and Sinatra doing something else, then one or two hours will go by and I’ve had the time of my life,” he said, adding, “I like to see Tina Fey do Sarah Palin. I’ll type that in.”

Warren Buffett Interview In Sun Valley: Buffett Reveals His Surprising Web Habits [HuffPo]