A Hallucinogenic Grows in Brooklyn


Ava Chin has discovered Jimsonweed, or Datura stramonium, growing in the streets of Gowanus. The plant is also known as “Jamestown weed, mad apple, devil’s trumpet, locoweed, stinkwort or thorn applem,” Chin writes, describing it as “a strikingly gothic-looking plant with seedpods that could have inspired the creator of ‘Little Shop of Horrors.’” Also, maybe the writer took some:

Anyway, the plant, “now in full flower across the city and in some cases sprouting mature seedpods” can cause “dilated pupils, racing heartbeat, hallucination, delirium, combative behavior and in severe cases, coma and seizures.” The experimental kids over at Erowid describe some pretty trippy experiences with the thing. But if you want some interesting street drugs, head to Gowanus.

In This Wicked Weed, the Devil’s Trumpet Blows [City Room/NYT]