All It Took for Chilean Miner to Propose to His Partner of 25 Years Was Getting Trapped in a Mine for a Month


Esteban Rojas, one of the 33 Chilean miners trapped in a shelter 2,300 feet underground for nearly a month and counting, has sent up a letter proposing to his pseudo-wife, Jessica Ganiez. The two have been “registered civil partners” for 25 years, but Rojas was never comfortable with getting properly married. “I have tried to hint at it many times,” an overjoyed Ganiez says, “but it never happened. He always said getting married is a once in a lifetime thing and he would ask me when the time is best. Obviously, what has happened has made him do it.” So basically Rojas became hideously disfigured in the mine collapse, yes?

Trapped Chilean miner proposes to sweetheart - Exclusive [Daily Mirror UK]