Another Top Editor Quits Newsweek As Meacham Finishes Final Week


Staffers have been told that this is editor Jon Meacham’s last day at Newsweek, and one adds that his once book-crammed office “is almost empty.” Perhaps even more than the change in ownership, Meacham’s departure is the end of an era for the title, which was crafted so carefully in his own image since he took the reins in 2006. This morning WWD reported also that Mark Miller, Meacham’s right-hand man, quit earlier in the week. Nearly all of the men who had been steering the Newsweek ship physically and spiritually — Meacham, Miller, Fareed Zakaria, Evan Thomas, and Ted Moncreiff — have now gone, making room for new owner Sidney Harman to install his own administration as he takes the magazine in a new direction. (One he’s hoping will be more profitable.) Remaining in charge are managing editor Daniel Klaidman, who was the magazine’s No. 2 editor, and director of editorial development Nisid Hajari. Meanwhile, WWD reports that both Geoff Reiss and Gabriel Snyder have left Newsweek Digital.