Anti-Mosque Leader Pamela Geller Is Doing It for South Park


Self-described “human-rights activist” Pamela Geller has been a vocal opponent of Park51 through her group Stop Islamization of America and her blog, Atlas Shrugs. In a lengthy interview, TPM says she “offered spotty historic references” to try to articulate her complex position on tolerance, particularly the part about supporting people of the Islamic faith (she’s down with “secular Muslims”), but also not liking a lot of things about “non-secular Muslims.” Why is she so opposed to building a mosque on Park Place? Lack of reciprocity.

Her most prominent example was the death threats made to the Danish cartoonist who depicted Mohammed, and the subsequent controversy over “South Park” creators trying to show Mohammed on their Comedy Central show. She said it was wrong they weren’t even allowed to show Mohammed in a “honey bear costume.”

There’s no reciprocity,” Geller said. “It’s a two-way street.”

Anti-’Mosque’ Geller: ‘Strip Clubs Didn’t Bring Down The Towers’ [TPM DC]

Anti-’Mosque’ Geller: ‘Strip Clubs Didn’t Bring Down The Towers’ [TPM DC]