Jason Sudeikis Tries to Defend January Jones’s Emmy Dress

As critics bashed January Jones’s unique Versace gown, Jones’s boyfriend, Jason Sudeikis, did his best to defend her ensemble, gushing, “It’s something else, isn’t it?” Too bad Jones claims she won’t let Sudeikis see her naked after he confessed to George Lopez that he already had. Jenna Fischer flaunted her wedding ring for the first time.  Kate Gosselin said she wasn’t dating anyone and remained glued to her bodyguard the whole night.  While en route to the Chateau Marmont Friday night, Lindsay Lohan was pulled over by the police and let off with a warning.  After being arrested for cocaine possession in Vegas late Friday night, Paris Hilton tweeted that she was “in bed watching ‘Family Guy’” and is “not worried” about her situation. Her hairstylist, meanwhile, says Hilton was sober when he saw her just prior to her arrest. Her parents blame her new boyfriend, Cy Waits, for her recent brush with the law.

Remember when Levi Johnston apologized to Sarah Palin? Now he wishes he never said he was sorry because he thinks it “makes [him] sound like a liar.” Madonna’s adopted daughter, Mercy, refuses to meet the 26-year-old waiter claiming to be her father. Glee cast members like Mark Salling are “furious” because they’ve received no cash from their Sony record deal, despite their latest album having reached No. 1 on the charts.  Kelsey Grammer and his pregnant stewardess girlfriend went apartment hunting.  Kim Kardashian wants to date a “normal Armenian boy.” 

Larry David joined Robert Kennedy Jr. at Nello while Eli Manning dined at a table nearby.  Hillary Clinton noshed on a falafel plate and Bill Clinton opted for a veggie burger at Babette’s in East Hampton. Jon Bon Jovi brought his son to meet Dwyane Wade at Madame Tong’s Redux in Southampton Saturday night, where Veronica Webb, Star Jones, and Bethenny Frankel were cozying up to the Miami Heat star. Kylie Minogue and Rufus Wainwright performed for Mark Ronson, Stephen Schwarzman, and Countess LuAnn de Lesseps at Hamptons Watermill Center on Saturday.  Julio Iglesias quietly married a Dutch model last week in Marbella.  th birthday on October 9.  In order to look more like Marlene Dietrich for City magazine’s cover, Heidi Klum chats about how her hair and makeup team had to “move” her eyebrows.