Baby Boomers Join Facebook to Destroy American Youth


A troubling new Pew report finds that old people are taking over the Internet. In April 2009, only a quarter of Americans ages 50 to 64 (read: boomers) were using Facebook and LinkedIn; that number has nearly doubled in the past year. The survey did not include statistics on embarrassing wall posts per capita. At this rate, The Big Chill will be the most-cited movie on Facebook by, oh, about next July.

About one out of every seven adults over the age of 65 is using social media (which is still a threefold increase from last year), but almost 90 percent of them use e-mail. So, basically, the only way to prove your youth these days is to use Twitter: Only 6 percent of boomers use it as part of their daily routine, probably because the Eagles still haven’t figured out how to use Twitter.

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