Barney Frank Will Neither Confirm Nor Deny That Kathy Griffin Is a Pill Popper


Massachusetts Representative Barney Frank was serendipitously on My Life on the D-List the day that Kathy Griffin called Scott Brown’s daughters "prostitutes", which gave him the opportunity to write a critical letter to Griffin about name-calling. "You get guilt by association," he tells Deborah Solomon in today's Times Magazine . Of course, "you can’t comment on every offensive thing people do," he added. "I have enough trouble commenting on the offensive things I do." But that woman's a pill popper, he'll have you know.

Why would you let her film you in your office in Washington for a show called My Life on the D-List?

She asked me if I would do it, and if you say no, then you get demonized as someone who is afraid. So she came to my office and said, “I demand that you pass the repeal — don’t ask, don’t tell — by tomorrow, and if not, it will be a bitter pill.” I said, “Well, it won’t be the only pill you swallow this week, I’m sure.”

What were you implying? Is she a pill popper?

I said what I said.

An awesome burn by Frank!

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