Bedbugs Punish More Democrats Than Republicans


Like other constituents in the run-up to midterm elections, bedbugs are expressing their distaste for the Democrats’ inability to use their majority status to pass progressive legislation. In a new poll guaranteed to make you itch and check your mattress seams, the Daily News shows that one in ten New Yorkers have had to deal with bedbugs. Perhaps more tellingly, only 2 percent attacked identified themselves as Republican, whereas 12 percent were Democrats. Then again, the survey also shows twice as many people who made under $50,000 were afflicted, and we all know how that bedbugs don’t discriminate. Intel Nitasha was told you could catch them through the wooden seats on the subway platform, and so has not sat down all year.

Bedbug City: 1 in 10 New Yorkers has grappled with bedbugs in their home [NYDN]