Monica Lewinsky’s First Choice: George Stephanopoulos?


"Page Six" reports that an upcoming book about Bill Clinton alleges that before her affair with him nearly brought down Clinton's presidency, Monica Lewinsky had her eyes on then White House communications director, now Good Morning America co-host George Stephanopoulos. And Monica thought the way to his heart was through his caffeine receptors:

"We knew who she was because she used to flirt excessively with Stephanopoulos," Clinton's former press secretary Mike McCurry told [book author] Takiff. "She would hang around George's office all the time, asking if she could go to Starbucks for him."

In the book A Complicated Man: The Life of Bill Clinton as Told by Those Who Know Him, out in October, author Michael Takiff alleges that White House staffers were "shocked" to learn about the Lewinsky/Clinton affair — simply because they thought she only had eyes for Stephanopoulos. While Stephanopoulos had no comment to "Page Six," they point out that he has said things in the past that confirm at least the Starbucks part of the story, saying in his autobiography that Lewinsky had tried to surprise him with lattes only to be rebuffed by his assistant.

While it's funny to think of Bill Clinton, the charismatic president of the United States, as the guy Monica had to settle for, when you remember Stephanopoulos came close to rivaling John F. Kennedy Jr. as the nineties' most eligible non-Hollywood bachelor, appearing (along with George Clooney) in a People magazine "Most Wanted" list as recently as 2000, it kind of makes sense. If only George had liked lattes a little more, we might be living in a different world.

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