Ben Huh Wants to Save Reddit From Condé Nast’s ‘Corporate Interference’


Ben Huh, the successful web entrepreneur behind sites including I Can Has Cheezburger and the Daily What, has made a public bid for popular aggregator Reddit, which is currently a black sheep in the generally glossy Condé Nast family. Reddit’s differences from Condé have grown increasingly heated since Condé barred Reddit from selling ads supporting Proposition 19, California’s marijuana-legalization ballot initiative. On his own website, Huh wrote:

On one hand, Reddit is Condé’s largest web property, which is something the ailing media company should surely be happy to have right now. But after Reddit users and moderators bombarded the site with pro–Prop 19 propaganda, would the company be relieved to sell off the rebel teen in the family? Old and new media could come to blows over this! Condé, we await your move, too.

Stop What You’re Doing And Read The Hell Out Of This of the Day [Daily What via Gawker]