Boozing Metro-North Bar-Car Customers Don’t Want Your Stinking Seats


Connecticut’s Department of Transportation has been circulating floor plans for new bar cars in their Metro-North lines, which transform the layout from an open space to a sit-down pub. Initially, there had been no provisions to replace the bar cars as the Metro-North New Haven Line phased out its aging fleet with 300 new cars. But Governor Jodi Rell asked for $226 million to buy 80 more new rail cars, seven of which will be transformed into rolling bars. Did that make loyal bar-car drinkers happy? No, sir. They’re taking issue with the seats and tables in the middle of the car. “We want to stand around and talk, and not be sitting in tiny little groups of four,” Terri Cronin, the vice-chair of the Connecticut Rail Commuter Council, told the Journal, adding, “It’s like a big group party.” What people imbibing on a moving vehicle need is more room to move around.

Bar Cars Keep Chugging [WSJ]