BP Gets Hit With a New Lawsuit and (Surprise!) It Has Nothing to Do With the Spill


Leaks — they’re ruining everything. Underwater oil ones, Wiki ones. And today, Texas lawyer Tony Buzbee announced a lawsuit surrounding one the media forgot: a Benzene leak in BP’s Texas refinery. The suit seeks $10 billion in damages for 538,000 pounds of toxic chemicals emitted from the BP facility from April 6 to May 16 this year. “Tens of thousands of individuals were injured and had his or her long-term health put in jeopardy after being exposed to extremely high levels of Benzene and other toxic chemicals while working at the BP Texas City Refinery or by simply living or working in Texas City.” This means BP’s going to start trotting out new CEO Robert Dudley’s southern bona fides again, doesn’t it? [Business Insider]