Publicity-Seeking Artists Hide Real Money Somewhere in New York


Two anonymous, thirtysomething Brooklyn-based artists-slash-freelance video editors claim to have hidden $10,000 in gold dollar coins somewhere in New York that isn’t Central Park. Because no self-respecting, scruffy hipsters would just toss away their last few bucks, this fun-seeming scavenger hunt, of course, comes coupled with a demand for you to watch their awesome puppet-pirate web videos, which have all the clues you need to find the money! (Can freelance video editors even afford this kind of thing? Did these people take out a dollar-coin loan?) Still, since these guys are angling to win the quirky Olympics here, they claim the money is really out there. Now let’s get crackin’ bums, bored people, and everybody else! We’ll be back later.

The Pirates Are Puppets, but The Treasure (They Say) Is Real [City Room/NYT]