Carl Paladino’s Family Has Little to No Confidence in Carl Paladino


With only two weeks until New York's Republican voters decide which candidate will have the honor of losing to Andrew Cuomo by 40 points in the race for governor, is it possible that the insurgent campaign of Buffalo real-estate mogul Carl Paladino can actually pull off an upset over the establishment-backed Rick Lazio? We'll find out whether Paladino has made up even more ground on Lazio when Quinnipiac releases a new poll tomorrow morning, but it doesn't seem like Paladino's family really cares either way.

Mr. Paladino said he was confident he could win. On a visit to his home in Buffalo, his family seemed less certain about his odds. “What will happen will happen,” said his wife, Cathy.

“I don’t place any bets on it,” said a daughter Danielle.

Go to your room.

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