Chilean Miners Show Off Their Sweet Underground Clubhouse


No, it’s actually horrible. Though the space is certainly large enough, the 33 Chilean miners who will remain stuck in a shelter 2,300 feet underground until December (not that they know that) are thin, dirty, and sweaty, according to a video they sent up to the surface through one of the small bore holes that provide them with things like food and air. A close-up of a thermometer shows that the temperature is 85 degrees. But the miners do seem to be in good spirits, at least for now. They’re shown on the film playing dominoes around a table (2:46), singing songs and clapping (9:23) — a little too loudly, maybe, for a collapsed mine — smiling, laughing, and flashing peace signs. Shortly after the seven-minute mark, the camera focuses on what appears to be a photo of a naked woman. Hey, maybe it won’t be so bad! It’ll be like taking a four-month-long vacation with your bros. Underground. In the dark. In a mine.