Connecticut Governor Jodi Rell Gets Her Pity Date With Hedge Funds


The threat of the New York Legislature levying carried interest tax on out-of-state hedge-fund managers is gone, but Timothy Selby, the president of the New York Hedge Fund Roundtable, still managed to round up a couple of guys who were willing to make the trek the other night all the way out to preposterously named restaurant the Water's Edge at Giovanni's II in Darien, Connecticut, for an “intimate dinner” at which governor Jodi Rell begged them to move their businesses to her state. Because hey, you can't beat a free steak dinner, and after a few drinks from the open bar, Connecticut does start to seem doable. Plus:

“It's nice to be wanted,” said Brett Cohen of JGB Capital, located on Madison Avenue.

Yeah. Nice try, Jodi, but there's no way these guys are going to call you in the morning.

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