Dan Abrams Sees ‘An Enormous Opportunity to Create a Significant Media Company Worth Well Over $100 Million’


That’s what the online mini-mogul told Newsweek, which checked in on him a year after he launched Mediaite, the flagship in his web empire that also includes Styleite, Geekosystem, Sports Grid, and Gossip Cop. Together they attract more than 5 3 million monthly viewers, and the company is on track to generate a million in revenue, with a goal of five million next year (which would put them in the black). “And we’re still in the very early stages,” Abrams, 44, said. “This is peanuts versus what I expect!”

Did somebody say “peanuts”? That reminds us! We’ve been sitting on this picture of Dan Abrams from his college days for literally months now, waiting for just the right quote to pair it with. Just imagine that face saying, “I see an enormous opportunity to create a significant media company worth well over $100 million!!” Fits perfectly, right?

It’s All About the Web [Newsweek]