Boy Wonder Arms Dealer Still Trigger-Happy


Efraim E. Diveroli — the boy wonder ammunition and firearms dealer who secured $300 million in contracts from the Pentagon only to watch his company collapse under the weight of fraud and conspiracy charges — still believes that happiness is a warm gun. The Times reports that Diveroli was arrested after purchasing weapons from undercover agents.

Prior to his arrest, Diveroli appeared rather cavalier about his ability to still procure and sell weapons despite the upcoming sentencing, according to the tapes recorded by the agents included in the Times story.

The latest criminal complaint claimed that Mr. Diveroli, whose arms dealing once seemed to have ended with his conviction, was recorded by undercover agents on Aug. 4 saying that “he has a large stock of ammunition in the United States” and “has been unloading his ammunition the last couple of years.”

Diveroli allegedly told the agent: “Once a gun runner, always a gun runner.”

Arms Dealer Faces New Charges [NYT]