Everybody, Meet Nitasha


Family meeting! Okay, everyone, gather round. Intel Jessica, Intel Dan, and Intel Chris have an important announcement. We have a new writer here on our little blog: Nitasha Tiku. You might recognize Nitasha’s byline, not only from this past week, but from her 24, Caprica, and True Blood recaps for Vulture, and from Inc. magazine, where she covered technology, finance, and social media. We know this might be a difficult adjustment, but since she’s a new member of the family, we’re going to ask that you treat Nitasha just the way you treat the rest of us: with a minimum of respect, with a speedy eye to any and all typos and math errors, and with the loyalty due anybody who works tirelessly to keep you abreast of all important news involving terrorist birds.

Please, everyone, join us in welcoming Intel Nitasha!