45-Year-Old Trader Apparently Believes Breasts Have Consistency of Bags of Sand


Earlier this month, 27-year-old Jessica Franqui, a clerk at the Staten Island branch of trading firm Tullet Prebon Americas Corp, filed suit against the company’s CEO, Marcus Bolton, 45, alleging he sexually assaulted her while drunk at an office party. After her boss whipped her around in a drunken tango, causing her to fall to the floor, Franqui’s suit claims, Bolton allegedly took his foot and stepped on her right breast with “force enough to cause significant pain and shortness of breath.” “He has a size 14 foot,” her lawyer told the Staten Island Advance.

He steps down on her breast hard, and then he pumped his fists in the air as if to say, ‘Look, I’m the man.’”

This is obviously very bad behavior. He may have an excuse, though.

His comments indicate he may be one of few 40-something straight men left who have no idea what breasts feel like.

Ms. Franqui was able to push Bolton’s foot away and get back on her feet.

She’s asking for $20 million, which means that if convicted, Bolton may have to part with the whole of his collection of vintage action figures to pay her off.

Staten Island woman sues Wall Street executive for $20M, claiming sexual assault [SI Live]
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