Gender-Bending Club Kid Bites Off Male Model’s Ear


Here is a thing that happened, according to the Daily News, on Sunday night:

James Leahy, who also goes by the name Jane Lane, is out on bail after chomping off the ear of a male model inside Highbar, a trendy midtown hot spot on W. 48th St. "I reached for my ear and it was not there," said a traumatized Ronnie Brown, 25, whose left lobe was sewn back on after the Sunday night attack. "It looks like a dog mangled it ... It's inhuman, it's animalistic — it's in a league of its own," said Brown, who is worried he'll lose his modeling gigs. [Leahy, 26] was released without bail and has told pals he was just defending himself. Brown said that's nonsense and that things got physical when Leahy tossed a glass at him. Leahy did not return calls but a woman who identified herself as his grandmother defended him: "You don't do something like that without provocation - believe me," she said ... Leahy describes himself in his blog as an "absolute monster, a drag-terrorist."

Party promoter Michael Formika-Jones defended Leahy. "Right now, everybody has heard Ronnie's side of the story," he told the News. "There are two sides to every story — even Lorena Bobbitt had her side of the story." Ear biting ... Drag-terrorists ... Jane Lane ... Modeling gigs ... Grandmothers ... Did we mention this happened on a Sunday night? New York is the best city in the world.

'I reached for my ear and it was not there,' says model Ronnie Brown after clubgoer chomps it off [NYDN]